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The Beverage products produced include the latest Hop House 13 Premium Lager (alcohol content 5%), Wave Pale Ale (6.5%), Banks Beer (4.5%), GT Beer (4.3%), Banks Shandy (1.6%) which is produced in five flavours (Lemon, Sorrel Champagne, Honey Lemon and Citrus Punch), Guinness Stout (7.5%), Banks Malta Supreme and Vita Malt (non-alcoholic). We also produce a wide array of Rums, Spirits and Liqueurs. Trisco Foods houses the production of Cookies, Crackers, Snacks (Cheese and Onion, Spicy Bar-B-Q, Chicken Tikka, Nacho, Cheddar) It also produces Assorted Bread Products and Rolls, Novelty Ices (Frostee Pop, Cream and Fudge) and Ice Cream in assorted flavours.

Dairy Products
In our dairy products showcase we have our line of Demico Ice-Cream, Pinehill Milk and Pinehill Y
Baked Goods
All Bread Products, Rolls and Baked Sweet Goods are all produced in our modern state-of-the-art B
Tastee snacks
Alcoholic Malts
Guinness Stout
Kazak Vodka