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What We Do...

The three principal business functions of Banks DIH Limited are the production of beverages, food products and restaurant operations.

A fourth, and the most recent has been in banking services following the acquisition of 51% shares of Citizens Bank Inc. in December 1998.

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How We Do It...

Quality and Standards

Quality and standards at Banks DIH are maintained at a high level, as evident in the Company’s products receiving ISO Certification and awards at the Monde Selection in Brussels. Our Company has received recertification for the period 2022 to 2024 for the Soft Drink and Novelty/Dairy plants.

The Company continue to comply with requirements which enables it to manufacture products that conform to international standards. For 2022 the Soft Drink and Novelty/Daily Plants successfully completed recertification with Lloyd’s Register Control and South America’s Limited for the following:

  • ISO 9001:2015 – Dairy/Novelty Ice Cream Plant
  • ISO 9001:2015 – Soft Drink Plant
  • FSSC 22000- Food Safety Management System
  • FSSC 22000:2018 – Soft Drink Plant Food Safety System Certification
  • FSSC 22000 – 2018 – Dispatching of Carbon Dioxide Food Grade
  • ISO/TS 22002-1: 2009 – Production, Warehousing and Dispatch
  • ISO/TS 220002-1: 2009 –Blow-mounding of Non-Returnable PET Bottles

D’Aguiar’s Moscato was adjudged for the Gold Quality Award at the Monde Selection 60th World Selection of Spirits and Liqueurs 2022 in Brussels.

The XM family of rums has received international acclaim in 2018 with XM Supreme 15-year-old and XM Special 12-year-old receiving Grand Gold Awards while XM Royal 10-year-old and 5-year-old were bestowed Gold Awards by Monde Selection, an International Institute for Quality Selection based in Brussels. XM 15, 12 and 10-year rum won Gold Medals at the Rum Masters tasting competition in England in 2013 while XM 10-year-old was a Gold Medalist at the Caribbean Rum Festival in 2014.

Our Flagship Banks Beer and the latest edition in our beer family - GT Beer both won Gold Medals at 2018 Monde Selection for quality as well as Rain Forest Waters.

The Company was awarded the prestigious Coca Cola Excellence Cup for performance Excellence (Small Markets) at the Coca Cola Latin Centre Business Unit Regional Conference in 2016, 2020 and most recently in 2022.

Guinness Stout, bottled under license earned second place in the Americas and fourth worldwide in the Guinness League of Excellence in 2017.

Sales and Distribution

The product range carried by the company reaches the homes of all Guyanese as the Company has a fleet of over two hundred and eighty vehicles. There are branches in Linden, Bartica, Berbice, Essequibo with distributors and agents in all three counties.

Our Company exports to several countries within the Caribbean, North America and Europe. Our Manufacturing, Sales and Distribution functions have been strengthened through linkages with several established companies. We exclusive importer and distributor of Diageo spirit brands in Guyana. These brands include Johnnie Walker, Ciroc, Baileys and Smirnoff. Also imported and distributed are Pine Hill Juices, Drinks and Milk Products.

The excellent results over the years reflect the benefits from past and present investments.