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Integrated Management System Policy

Banks D.I.H Ltd assures that success depends on the manufacture and distribution of quality and food safe products, services, and delivery that meet customer, consumer and other interested parties expectations in a sustainable and responsible way.

Banks D.I.H Ltd therefore commits to continual improvement of the Integrated Management System, which is validated for effectiveness using performance metrics in areas of Quality, Food Safety, Health Safety and Environment.

The following principles are the foundation of the Banks D.I.H Ltd. Integrated Management System. The performance of the management system is the responsibility of all company's personnel including outsourced providers that impact the business processes.

  • Apply the Management System to enable achievement of sustainable business strategy.
  • Manufacture and deliver products that comply with the highest quality and food safety standards to achieve customer and consumer satisfaction.
  • Ensure the health, safety and welfare of all personnel involved are protected from zero harm.
  • Manage environmental controls over the entire value chain and product lifecycle to prevent pollution, minimize adverse impacts and continually improve environmental performance.
  • Meet or exceed all applicable statutory, regulatory and other requirements which include local, regional, international and franchise company requirements.
  • Apply same standards to the management and performance of our fleet.
  • Validate effectiveness of the Integrated Management Systems with achievement of risk management, opportunities and sustainable performance outcomes.
  • Communicate system requirements to suppliers, contractors, visitors, customers and consumers to support our IMS goal.

As Managing Director | am committed to the achievement of the Integrated Management System Policy which is endorsed by the Board of Directors. Responsibility for the successful implementation of this program belongs with every Banks D.I.H Ltd employee at each level and function in the organization.

                                                                   Dated: September 30, 2019

             Clifford B. Reis                                                         Review Date: October 1, 2020
             ChairmanIManaging Director

ISO Certifications

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