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The Board of Directors, Management and Staff of Banks DIH Limited extend heartfelt Congratulations to the following employees who have achieved 20 years of distinguished service with the Company.

Ronald Barker, Cort Hall, Vibert Grant, Trevor Hollingside, Rawl London, Oudit Bruce, Eardley McLennan, Dennison Eastman, Navin Ramnauth, Sharon Clarke, Dwayne Horton, Deon Stuart, Dionne Greene, Maritha Theobald-Barclay, Rondell Cummings, Mark Benjamin, Cliff Morian, Marvin Perreira, Albert Cunningham, Royston Abrams, Neolline Adams, Lennox Cordis, Rawle Nedd, Michelle Humphrey, Yawantee Rahim and Andre Williams.
Please see photos in Photo Gallery.

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