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Banks DIH Limited - Bartica Branch, is located on the southwestern bank of the Essequibo River in Region Seven (Cuyuni/Mazaruni) in the township of Bartica, approximately 100 kilometers from Georgetown.

In the 1960's, Banks DIH Limited supplied its products - primarily rum, beer and soft drinks through an agent in Bartica. River transport was the primary mode of transportation by boat through the Demerara River connecting to the Essequibo River to its final destination. Another route was by road using heavy-duty vehicles driving through Linden and crossing the Essequibo River by pontoon.

Banks DIH Limited established its Bartica Branch in 1969 due to the demands for its products which by now had grown considerably. The operations began with seven employees. For the next five successive years, the stock was primarily shipped by the Government Ferry Service to this location. However, due to the increased sales and demands for its product range, the Company started chartering boats to satisfy the needs of the Branch, one of the systems still being used today.

Due to increased business, a new building was constructed with modern facilities to house the branch's operations. The new building was commissioned by the Chairman/Managing Director- Mr. Clifford B. Reis on 12th September 1997.

The staff has increased to 14 with 12 regular employees, one supervisor and a Manager.

The distribution network of the Company's products extends to many locations in the interior primarily the lumber and gold-mining areas, and there is tremendous scope for further development.