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Thirst Park, Georgetown, Feb. 3, 2023-Banks D.I.H. Limited successfully hosted its Hybrid 67th Annual General meeting on January 27, 2023 at 2:00 p.m. in a manner pursuant to the order of the Court made by the Honorable Justice Nareshwar Harnanan and entered on the 6th day of October 2022. There were seven proxy representatives for its shareholder group and the members of the Board of Directors present at its Head Office.

In his address to shareholders, the Company’s Chairman, Mr. Reis, described the theme of the Annual Report: “Forging Global Partnerships’’ which incorporated an image of a handshake meant to capture a symbolic yet deeper understanding between Banks DIH Limited and its Business partners, Shareholder, Employees, Suppliers, and Customers.”

Mr. Reis responded to questions from stakeholders which included providing an update on the Car Dealership Initiative, which he explained has had some challenges due to contractual agreements between various CARICOM countries who also have rights to distribute in Guyana. In his reply, Mr. Reis called on the Ministry of Trade, Embassies and the Private Sector to voice their strong objections to this as Guyana is an independent republic with its own territorial rights and sovereignty. He concluded by noting that the company has begun the importation and sale of Motor Cycles and Lift Trucks as discussions with Car Manufacturers continue.

Another question submitted queried about “ESG” – Environment, Social and Governance and its role and purpose within the structure of Banks DIH Limited. In responding to this, Mr. Reis noted that corporations such as Banks DIH Limited, would be required to implement sustainable measures in the areas of its Environmental footprint, Social investing, and Governance factors of decision- making, distribution of rights and responsibility among stakeholders by 2030.

Additionally, Mr. Reis responded to the question on the number of Breweries in Guyana, to which he noted that there is only one Brewery in Guyana and that is Banks DIH Limited. He expounded on this by pointing out that the only beers manufactured and bottled in Guyana are Banks Beer and GT Beer, both of which are made in the Brewery at Thirst Park

Some of main features of the meeting included the receiving of the audited financial statements for the year ended September 30, 2022; the election of Directors, Mr. Dan Bryan Stoute and Ms. Melissa Jessica De Santos; and the approval of the Deeds of Covenant made to Charitable organizations, churches, and educational institutions of Five million five hundred and sixty thousand dollars (GY$5,560,000) for the current financial year.

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