Banks DIH Recruitment Drive

Banks DIH Limited hosted a recruitment drive at Uitvlugt on the West Coast of Demerara on Sunday May 29th, 2022.

Mr Shabir Hussain, Director of Engineering Services who coordinated the programme said the objective of the Recruitment exercise was to interview prospective employees from Uitvlugt to Meten-Meer-Zorg and surrounding communities who are out of jobs due to non-functioning of the Sugar Factory and who may be able to fill skilled and unskilled vacancies within Banks DIH Limited.

“We have a number of vacancies opened including engineers, technicians, electricians, mechanics, gardeners, cleaners and clerical staff. We are seeking to fill those posts and at the same time give opportunities to the workers who were affected by the estate closure to secure employment with our Company,” he added.

Mr. Hussain explained that plans are in place to revisit Uitvlugt as well as other communities where there are similar unemployment issues.

“We plan to do more career fairs because our company is expanding and the fairs will be opened to everyone who may be seeking employment,” he added.

The four-hour programme saw over 30 prospective candidates from as far as Truimph of the East Coast of Demerara, Georgetown and surrounding communities in West
Demerara in attendance.

The Company will host another Recruitment drive on Sunday at Wales, West Bank Demerara starting at 09:00 hours.

Prospective candidates being interviewed by Banks DIH officials at Uitvlugt on Sunday.
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