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Press Release
Banks DIH Limited
February 18th, 2022
The Chairman and Board of Directors of Banks DIH Limited wish to advise our Shareholders and Members of the Public of the recent appointment to the Board of Directors of Banks DIH Limited, of Mr. Gavin Todd, as Operations and Engineering Director.
Mr. Todd who is a Peter d’Aguiar’s Scholarship Awardee, graduated from the University of Guyana and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering.
Additionally, Mr. Todd is a recipient of several Post Graduate and Technical qualifications which include the University of Western Ontario.
He has also served on the Boards of various organisations both charitable and professional including Rotary International, the Board of Directors of Guyana Water Inc. and the National Council of Guyana.
Mr. Todd has completed twenty-eight years of service with Banks DIH Limited.
The Chairman and Board Members hereby extend a warm and cordial welcome to Mr. Todd in his new capacity as Operations and Engineering Director and best wishes for a long and successful tenure.

Operations and Engineering Director

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