Management System Policy

Banks D.1.H Ltd believes that its success depends on the manufacture and distribution of quality products, and services that meet or exceed customer and consumer expectations. Fundamental to this belief is the responsibility of the Company to ensure the manufacture and distribution of quality and food safe products.

Banks D.1.H Ltd commits to continuous improvement, which is measured, evaluated, and validated for effectiveness internally and externally.

The Management System is the responsibility of all employees who have direct influence on ingredients, packaging, manufacturing, storage and the transport of products. The following principles are the foundation of the Banks D.1.H Ltd. Management System.

  • Manufacture and deliver products that meet the highest quality and food safety standards.
  • Meet or exceed all statutory and regulatory requirements for quality and food safety, which include local, regional, international and franchise company requirements.
  • Ensure sustainable performance through implementation and certification of effective Management System standards.
  • Validate the effectiveness of the food safety and quality management systems through periodic audits and trend analyses.
  • Continually review Business policies, standards and procedures to effectively manage risks
    associated with changes in products, processes, and technologies.
  • Set annual measurable objectives for all operations to ensure continuous improvement of the Management System and compliance with all applicable standards.
  • Communicate requirements to suppliers, contractors, customers and ,consumers by establishing specifications for ingredients and packaging materials, product storage and consumer guidelines.

As Managing Director I am committed to the Management System Policy which is owned and endorsed by the Board of Directors. Responsibility for the successful implementation of this program belongs with every Banks D.I.H Ltd employee at each level and function in the organization.

                                      Dated: 2011
Clifford B. Reis                                        Review Date: October 1,2012
             ChairmanIManaging Director

ISO Certifications

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