Berbice Branch

Berbice Branch

Operations in Berbice started during the 1950's at a location in Sproston Alley behind Penguin Hotel and were relocated because of the increase in sales to Stanleytown, New Amsterdam popularly known as Tacama Turn.

There was a Depot in Skeldon, about fifty miles east of New Amsterdam, but with the closure of the Skeldon Branch in 1972, all operations were relocated to Stanleytown.

In May 1974, the new headquarters of the Berbice Branch were officially opened by the late Chairman, Mr. Peter D'Aguiar at Main and New Streets in the heart of the New Amsterdam.

Products were transported by boat and later as business improved road transportation was introduced. In the early 70's there were five sales trucks, two were used for the sale and distribution of Banks Beer and Banks Stout and two were used for Soft Drinks. There was also one vehicle for rum distribution. The fleet has now grown to sixteen state-of-the-art vehicles as the Berbice operations continue to grow.

Banks DIH Limited also acquired the building at Main and Kent Streets (The New Amsterdam Qik Serv) along with two properties in Stanleytown this paved the way for the opening of the New Amsterdam Qik Serv on April 30, 1988.

This Qik Serv has been described by residents as a restaurant with a difference. It provides a Fast Food Service serving Fried Chicken and fries, milkshakes, smoothies, pastries, ice-cream and non-beverages. The breakfast special is also very popular. Parents can also take their children to the Play Park which provides many safe rides and recreational facilities.

With a staff of over fifty employees, New Amsterdam Qik Serv has earned a reputation for courteous and efficient service.

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