Outlets & Restaurants

Outlets & Restaurants

Qik Serv Restaurant and Demico Operations

Demico House is an important segment of the Company which began Operations in 1971, after the merger of Banks Brewery Ltd. and D'Aguiar Bros. Ltd. The Soda Factory and the head office were relocated to Thirst Park and the Building was renovated and converted to the Demico House Complex in the heart of down-town Georgetown at Stabroek Market square.

The Unit began with a small hotel, a single restaurant with three bars and a liquor store on the premises.

Today it has expanded immensely to include several major outlets and can be considered the second largest segment of Banks DIH Limited.

The Demico Restaurant Operations include Demico Qik Serv at Croal Street, Stabroek, OMG/Arawak Steak House and Sheriff Street Qik at (Sheriff Street and Campbell Avenue, Campbellville), Idiho at Brickdam, Stabroek, Camp Street Qik Serv (Camp Street, Lacytown) Main Street Qik Serv– Crème Select Ice Cream Lounge (Main and Quamina Streets, Cummingsburg), New Amsterdam Qik Serv (Main Street, New Amsterdam Berbice), the Roof Garden – (Brickdam, Stabroek), the Retail Liquor Store and the Demico Hotel. Timehri Duty Free Shop while Krystal Dry Cleaners formerly located at Camp Street is now housed in a spacious atmosphere at Demico Complex (Brickdam).

The fast food service offers chicken, burgers and a variety of sandwiches, ice cream, Creole, Indian dishes and beverages.

Crème Select Ice Cream Lounge

Crème Select Ice Cream Lounge is the latest state-of-the-art restaurant on Main Street, adjoining Main Street Qik Serv. It was opened on December 23rd 2014.

It is named after the Company’s premium ice cream brand “Crème Select” which was developed for the discerning ice cream lover who wants to indulge in an extra special treat.

Crème Select Lounge provides a wide range of premium Ice Cream treats and delicious delicacies for the discerning customers. On sale are Sundaes, Frostees, Waffle Cones, Waffle Bowls, Banana Split, Smoothies, Shakes and Ice Lattes and Crème Select specials. In addition there are sandwiches, puffs and rolls, wraps, cakes and soft drinks. The restaurant is equipped with cable television.

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Bartica Branch

Bartica Branch

Banks DIH Limited - Bartica Branch, is located on the southwestern bank of the Essequibo River in Region Seven (Cuyuni/Mazaruni) in the township of Bartica, approximately 100 kilometers from Georgetown.

In the 1960's, Banks DIH Limited supplied its products - primarily rum, beer and soft drinks through an agent in Bartica. River transport was the primary mode of transportation by boat through the Demerara River connecting to the Essequibo River to its final destination. Another route was by road using heavy-duty vehicles driving through Linden and crossing the Essequibo River by pontoon.

Banks DIH Limited established its Bartica Branch in 1969 due to the demands for its products which by now had grown considerably. The operations began with seven employees. For the next five successive years, the stock was primarily shipped by the Government Ferry Service to this location. However, due to the increased sales and demands for its product range, the Company started chartering boats to satisfy the needs of the Branch, one of the systems still being used today.

Due to increased business, a new building was constructed with modern facilities to house the branch's operations. The new building was commissioned by the Chairman/Managing Director- Mr. Clifford B. Reis on 12th September 1997.

The staff has increased to 14 with 12 regular employees, one supervisor and a Manager.

The distribution network of the Company's products extends to many locations in the interior primarily the lumber and gold-mining areas, and there is tremendous scope for further development.

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Berbice Branch

Berbice Branch

Operations in Berbice started during the 1950's at a location in Sproston Alley behind Penguin Hotel and were relocated because of the increase in sales to Stanleytown, New Amsterdam popularly known as Tacama Turn.

There was a Depot in Skeldon, about fifty miles east of New Amsterdam, but with the closure of the Skeldon Branch in 1972, all operations were relocated to Stanleytown.

In May 1974, the new headquarters of the Berbice Branch were officially opened by the late Chairman, Mr. Peter D'Aguiar at Main and New Streets in the heart of the New Amsterdam.

Products were transported by boat and later as business improved road transportation was introduced. In the early 70's there were five sales trucks, two were used for the sale and distribution of Banks Beer and Banks Stout and two were used for Soft Drinks. There was also one vehicle for rum distribution. The fleet has now grown to sixteen state-of-the-art vehicles as the Berbice operations continue to grow.

Banks DIH Limited also acquired the building at Main and Kent Streets (The New Amsterdam Qik Serv) along with two properties in Stanleytown this paved the way for the opening of the New Amsterdam Qik Serv on April 30, 1988.

This Qik Serv has been described by residents as a restaurant with a difference. It provides a Fast Food Service serving Fried Chicken and fries, milkshakes, smoothies, pastries, ice-cream and non-beverages. The breakfast special is also very popular. Parents can also take their children to the Play Park which provides many safe rides and recreational facilities.

With a staff of over fifty employees, New Amsterdam Qik Serv has earned a reputation for courteous and efficient service.

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Essequibo Branch

Essequibo Branch

Banks DIH Limited - Essequibo Branch, is located on the western bank of the Essequibo River at Airy Hall, approximately 75 kilometers from Georgetown.

The operations of Essequibo Branch started in the 1960's at Onderneeming. The beginnings of this branch started from a rented residence there and an open yard in Adventure, which served as the Depot and Warehouse. Stock was delivered from Georgetown by river transport and distributed by carts.

On the Transport & Harbours Department's wharf at Adventure, permission was granted to Banks DIH Limited to store their stock "gratis", and freight was only collected for stocks sent. The empties were brought to Georgetown without any charges to the Company.

The growth of the business resulted in the acquisition of a property in Adventure. This property was transformed into a Bond/Warehouse, Branch Office and the Manager's residence. This significant improvement was bolstered with the acquisition of two trucks for distribution throughout the Essequibo Coast. The branch's operation started with six members of staff.

The branch's operation continued to grow and by 1970 a staff of nine(9) persons was hired to service an area of approximately 38.5 miles. Agents were appointed for outlying areas, such as Wakenaam Island, Moruka and the Pomeroon River. By this time, the ferry service became inadequate to supply stocks on time. At this period, a private contractor was hired to ferry stocks from Georgetown to Riverstown Creek on a regular basis. At Riverstown Creek another Bond was constructed.

Land ws purchased in 1980 at Airy Hall . This enabled the Essequibo Branch to be developed. In 1990 the complex was completed and in 1991, the Chairman - Mr. Clifford Barrington Reis opened the Airy Hall Branch which includes a wharf, a Warehouse, Vehicle Workshop, Branch Office, and Manager's Residence.

The Essequibo Branch now at Airy Hall under one roof, continues to serve the entire Essequibo Coast inclusive of Moruka, Wakenaam and the Pomeroon River, along with its Agents. The Branch now has a total staff of sixteen persons and a fleet of eight vehicles and a lift truck to continue its excellent service to Essequibo fondly known as the Cinderella County.

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Linden Branch

Linden Branch

Banks DIH Limited - Linden Branch is located on the eastern bank of the Demerara River approximately sixty-five miles from Georgetown in a township known as Linden, formerly called Mackenzie.

During the 1960's and 1970's Banks DIH Limited supplied their merchandise through two agents to Linden and its outlying areas. The only mode of transportation during this time to the area was through the waterway of the Demerara River by boat to Dutchie Boat Landing in Linden. Later in this era, a two lane highway was constructed between Linden and Georgetown, thus making communication easier and faster.

During the 1980's, the town of Linden experienced an economic boom, which saw an increase in activities resulting in increased sales of their products. In March 1990, due to heavy demands for the products, Banks DIH Limited decided to open a branch in this township with a staff of four.

The business grew rapidly necessitating the erection of a Bond/Warehouse in 1993 in order to be of better service to the area. The community requested that Banks DIH Limited should offer the services of a fast food restaurant to the residents. After careful consideration, a feasibility study was undertaken by the management of the Demico Segment.

On the 24th July 1994, the Chairman Mr. Clifford Barrington Reis had the pleasure of officially opening the Arvida Qik Serv Restaurant, along with Mr. Kenneth De Abreu and other Senior Executives. This Restaurant was closed on March 31st, 2009.

The Linden Branch now carries a staff of eighteen persons.

Distribution continues on both Banks of the Demerara River, and with the all-weather roads constructed to the hinterland areas, considerable growth in sales has been achieved. The lumber, bauxite mining and gold mining businesses at Arioma, Kwakwani, Mabura, Butakari and Sherima, to name a few are responsible for the successful operations of the Linden Branch.

Agents are appointed to service areas as far as Mahdia and Lethem and in addition companies which operate further in the interior locations.

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– The City’s Newest Playground
was officially opened on 31st July, 2009 and is located on Sheriff Street, Campbellville, Georgetown.

inspired by leading sports bars across the world and by a sense of uncomplicated sophistication, caters for the truly discerning individual who appreciates a mix of good music, a stylish and chic environment, great beverages, delicious menu and excellent service.

provides the best VIP treatment and cocktails “ after work” for the astute professional to meet with other contemporaries.

brings to Guyana a fresh, new and innovative experience, with the best in mixed music, non-stop coverage of the daily sporting events captured on a circle of 46 inches LCD/HDTV flat screens in full air conditioned comfort.

It’s yet another first from Guyana’s Pacesetters.

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Stabroek Sports Bar

Stabroek Sports Bar

The Stabroek Sports Bar was officially opened on October 12th, 2012. It is located above the Idiho Restaurant on Brickdam.

The Sports Bar provides patrons with excellent service, stylish environment and great entertainment. The Bar has several pools tables and 46-inch LCD/HDTV flat screens providing the latest in international sports programmes. It is truly an ultra-modern entertainment center similar to sports bars in North America and Europe.

The opening hours are: Monday-Thursday 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m., Friday-Saturday 10:00 a.m. to midnight and Sunday 3:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

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