Training at all levels within our company is aggressively pursued and employees are encouraged through worker participation, various incentives and benefits to develop their full potential thereby maximizing their contribution to the Company.

    The degree of commitment is achieved through the implementation of policies that are fair, non-discriminatory and which provide real opportunities for development. Banks DIH Ltd. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


    Staff benefits include:

    1. Building houses for employees at cost price - this gives employee the chance to acquire a
      home with proper infrastructure at an affordable price. Over one hundred (100) of these
      homes were built in the D’Aguiar’s Park Houston area, in which over five hundred
      residents currently (employees’ family) reside.
    2. Paying incentives to positively motivate staff.
      • Bonuses - this monthly incentive is based on punctuality, adherence to deadlines, attire,
        job performance and housekeeping.
      • Performance Incentive - this is a percentage of employees’ basic fortnightly pay. This
        percentage varies from twenty-eight (28), thirty-three (33), and forty-three (43) percent and
        is determined by the profits on beverage case sales, and departmental profit.
      • Condition of Employee (COE) Allowance - this is a monthly allowance received by
        regular or permanent Banks DIH limited employees.
      • Hampers - employees are given an allotment of biscuit every month and a gift of
        beverages at Christmas time.
      • Canteen Facilities - There is a workers’ canteen.
        Subsidized Transportation – Employees residing in rural communities are provided at a
        subsidized cost.
      • Scholarships and Training Programmes - the D’Aguiars Scholarship Programme has
        made it possible for employees with potential to receive sponsorship to pursue higher
        studies at universities locally and abroad.
      • Training - There are also in-house programmes at the Company’s training Centre at
        Thirst Park. Employees at our branches in Berbice, Bartica, Essequibo and Linden are also
        exposed to training by our Training Manager and external tutors.
        Employees are exposed to training in Occupational Health and Safety, Food Safety,
        Customer Relations, Computer studies, sales and marketing etc. thereby enabling the
        company to live up to its motto of ‘Committed to Excellence’.