What We Do...

The three principal business functions of Banks DIH Limited are the production of beverages, food products and restaurant operations.

A fourth, and the most recent has been in banking services following the acquisition of 51% shares of Citizens Bank Inc. in December 1998.

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How We Do It...

Quality and Standards

Quality and standards at Banks DIH are maintained at a high level, as evident in 2003 at the Monde Selection in Brussels when Banks Beer was awarded a gold medal for an exceptionally high quality beer.

The Company's Rum also won three outstanding awards at the International Wine and Spirits Competition for it's Ten year old rum and XM five year old rum, a double gold medal and a bronze award respectively.

Diageo International recently presented Banks DIH Limited with the following awards:

  • Guinness Award of Achievement-Best Absolute Growth for 2003
  • Venture Americas and Caribbean Partnersip Awards for Outstanding Brand Performance (Winner)
  • Percentage Growth Award - Jan, 2004
  • Volume Growth Award (Winner) 2004

The Company was presented with awards for producing the best Coca-Cola in the region for three consecutive years. Awards were also presented to the Company for Tropical Mist (2003), Cream Soda (1998) and Five Year Old Rum (2000).

Sales and Distribution

The product range carried by the company reaches the homes of all Guyanese as the Company has a fleet of over two hundred and eighty vehicles. There are branches in Linden, Bartica, Berbice, Essequibo with distributors and agents in all three counties.

Our Company exports to several countries within the Caribbean and further afield. Our Flagship Banks Beer is exported to Canada and the United States of America through collaboration with Banks Holdings Ltd. of Barbados.

Our Manufacturing, Sales and Distribution functions have been strengthened through linkages with several established companies. We import and distribute Johnny Walker Scotch Whisky, Absolut Vodka, Smirnoff Vodka and Pine Hill Juices, Drinks and Milk Products.

The excellent results over the years reflect the benefits from past and present investments.