Press Release

Banks DIH Limited

Date: August 17, 2015

Co-Managing Director/Marketing Director of Banks DIH Limited, Mr. George McDonald is upbeat about the potential of the Company’s prize-winning rum products being positioned for a major take off in United States following the launch of XM rum in New York City.

Mr. Mc Donald said the Company has seen positive results from initial sales of its Xtra Mature (XM) five-year-old, VXO seven-year-old, Royal 10-year-old, Special 12-year-old and Supreme 15-year-old following the launch just over a month ago in Richmond Hill, Queens.

The event was attended by Banks DIH Limited Chairman Mr. Clifford Reis, Mr. McDonald, Sales and Marketing Executive Mr. Carlton Joao, Rum Factory Executive Mr. Robert Sugdeo and other officials from the Company, executives of Royal Wine Incorporated and NY business leaders.

The XM brand is being distributed by Royal Wine, a leading US wine and spirit distributor, whose management also expressed confidence in the brand making a big impact on the United States market.

Mr. Mordy Herzog, chief executive officer of Royal Wine disclosed that customers are ready for XM Rum in the United States and noted that prior to the launch his company had received many requests from persons excited about the liquor’s entrance to the marketplace.

Banks DIH Limited was recently given the green light to distribute XM rum in the United States following litigation for a competitor law suit that disputed the use of the word “Demerara” in the XM brand name.

The matter has since been resolved and according to Mr. McDonald this is a positive turn around and XM, “The finest Caribbean rum” is now readily available for sale in liquor stores, supermarkets and distribution outlets to thousands of XM rum consumers in the United States.

Chairman Mr. Reis said Banks DIH Limited is committed like Royal Wine Incorporated to foster great relationship with consumers and suppliers for the success of XM in the United States.

According to Mr. McDonald, Guyanese living is the Diaspora and rum connoisseurs can now enjoy the tradition of fine quality rum from Guyana with over 160 years of experience behind it.

XM Rum is sold across the Caribbean as well as Italy, Spain, Denmark, France and the United Kingdom while plans are afoot for its entry into the Canadian market.

Banks DIH Limited Chairman Mr. Clifford Reis, (fourth right) and Mr. Mordy Herzog (third right) with other officials of Banks DIH and Royal Wine Incorporated at the recent launch.