Press Release

Banks DIH Limited

Date: July 21st, 2017

Approximately 80 children of employees are attending the Sixth Annual Banks DIH Limited- JCI Guyana Literacy/Skilled based Programme at Banks DIH Limited Sports Club at Thirst Park.

The three-week exercise will run until August 10th with classes daily from Monday to Friday of each week.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Banks DIH Limited Communications Manager Mr. Troy Peters welcomed the students and encouraged them to be disciplined and receptive to the training.

“You will be exposed to life skills training that will help you through your daily life so it is important to stay focused and open your minds to the teaching,” he added.

JCI Senior Executive member Deondra Wishart said her organized was extremely pleased to be partnering with Banks DIH Limited for the past six years in this programme.

“JCI Guyana would like to thank Banks DIH Limited for their continued partnership with and do look forward to continue collaborating in the future,” Ms. Wishart added.
The programme caters for students between the ages of 6-12years who are involved in arts and craft, spelling, reading, mathematics, moral education, physical education and basic life skills talks which fosters social cohesion and aid in them becoming better role models in their communities.

At the graduation exercise planned for August 10th the children will showcase their talents through dancing, poetry and modelling. The craft done during the programme will be exhibited for the parents, management of the Company as well as visitors.

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