The Qik Serv Restaurants

Demico House is an important segment of the Company which began Operations in 1971, after the merger of Banks Brewery Ltd. and D'Aguiar Bros. Ltd. The Soda Factory and the head office were relocated to Thirst Park and the Building was renovated and converted to the Demico House Complex. The Unit began with a small hotel, a single restaurant with three bars and a liquor store on the premises. Today it has expanded immensely to include ten major outlets and can be considered the second largest segment of Banks DIH Limited.

The individual Businesses which now constitute the Demico Segment are the Idiho Restaurant, the Roof Garden, Arawak Steak House and Main Street Qik Serv (formerly Arapaima). More recent additions are Camp Site (which houses Krystal Dry Cleaners, the Creole Garden Restaurant and a Processing Centre) and the New Amsterdam Qik Serv in Berbice.

Qik Serv

The Qik Serv chain of Restaurants is comprised of three branches: Croal Street, Main Street and New Amsterdam. The fast food service offers chicken, burgers and a variety of sandwiches, ice cream, creole, Indian dishes and beverages.