Date: January 30, 2013

Banks DIH Limited wishes to advise that at its statutory monthly meeting held on 18th January 2013, the Board of Directors of Banks DIH Limited confirmed the appointment of Mr George Daniel Gladstone McDonald as Co-Managing Director/Marketing Director of Banks DIH Limited with effect from 19th January 2013.

Mr. McDonald joined the staff of Banks DIH Ltd. on October 1, 1972 as a Clerk within the Brewery. Within four years of his employment he was granted a Company Scholarship to read for a Degree in Economics at the University of Guyana. Consequent upon his graduation, he was transferred to the Sales Department in 1981 as Sales Manager: Soft Drinks. His tenure within the Sales Department next saw his appointment as General Sales Manager Acting and then his confirmation in 1983 as Sales Manager. In 1991, Mr. McDonald was appointed to the position of General Marketing Manager which position he held until 1995 when he was confirmed in the position of Marketing Executive.

In 1997, Mr. McDonald was selected to attend the Western Executive Programme at the University of Western Ontario, Canada and upon his resumption of duties he was appointed Marketing Director which position he held until his confirmation by the Board of Directors as Assistant Managing Director/Marketing Director on April 29, 2010.

Mr. McDonald is also a Director of Citizens Banks Guyana Inc. and Banks Holdings Limited (Barbados).

The Board of Director joins with the Management and Staff of Banks DIH Limited to congratulate Mr McDonald on his appointment and to wish him every success and blessing for a long and successful tenure.