Our Work Environment

Training at all levels within our company is aggressively pursued and employees are encouraged through worker participation, various incentives and benefits to develop their full potential thereby maximizing their contribution to the Company.

TThe degree of commitment is achieved through the implementation of policies that are fair, non-discriminatory and which provide real opportunities for development. Banks DIH Ltd. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


From 1994-2004, fifty (50) acres of land at Houston were developed for an employees' Housing Scheme.This is the fourth such Housing Scheme which was developed by the Company.
Today over ninety-five houses(95) have been built and sold at cost and are presently occupied by employees and their families.

The excellent results over the years reflect the benefits from past and present investment.

The Chairman and Board of Directors salute their predecessors and wish to thank all staff, shareholders and customers for their continued support and contribution in making Banks DIH Limited "the success story it is today".