The Beverage Products produced include Banks Beer (alcohol content 4.5%), Banks Light Beer (3%), Banks Power Stout (alcohol content 7.5) Banks Shandy (1.6%) which is produced in three (3) flavours (Lemon, Sorrel and Champagne), Guinness Stout, Banks Malta and Vita Malt.

We also produce a wide array of Rums, Spirits and Liqueurs, namely, Royal XM Ten (10) Year Old Rum, VXO 7 year old Rum, XM Five-Year Old Rum, Xtra Mature (Extra Blend Premium), High Wine, Kazak VODKA, D'Aguiar's Cream Liqueur (in Cream, Coffee and Amaretto)

WINES - Banko (Red & White) and Medium Dry - 700ml, D’Aguiar’s Sherry Brandy and D’Aguiar’s Ginger Wine.
WATER-Tropical Mist and Aqua Mist Artesian Well Water in assorted Pet Sizes: Plain, 1.5Litres and 5Gln Institutional Size.

I-CEE SOFT DRINKS –six regular flavours - Cream Soda, , Banana, Pineapple, Orange, Big Red, Tangerine, and fusion flavours such as Green Crush, Pink Grapefruit, Passion Fruit, Apple Strawberry, Fruit Punch, Ginger Beer(seasonal), Soda Water and Ginger Ale.
Banks DIH Limited is also a licensed bottler of the Coca-Cola products and Guinness. Vita malt is also produced and bottled under licence.


Trisco Foods houses the production of Cookies, Crackers, Snacks (Cheese and Onion, Spicy Bar-B-Q, Chicken Tikka, Nacho, Cheddar) It also produces Assorted Bread Products and Rolls, Novelty Ices (Frostee Pop-Cream and Fudge) and Ice Cream (Assorted Flavours.


The Demico Restaurant Operations include Demico Qik Serv, OMG Restaurant, Idiho, Main Street Qik Serv, New Amsterdam Qik Serv, the Roof Garden, the Retail Liquor Store and the Demico Hotel. The Camp Site Qik Serv was opened in 1993 and houses The Patisserie, the Processing Centre and Krystal Dry Cleaners outlet.